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Low Water Pressure Overnight - NO Precautionary Boil Water Notice Will Be Issued

January 10, 2018

On Tuesday, January 9, at 10:30 pm, water pressure fell throughout the City. Public Works Director Israel Huron was called. He arrived at approximately 10:40, and restarted the pump at the wells north of town. Full pressure was restored within 30 minutes, and the elevated tank, which is the City's source of pressure, was filled as quickly as the pumps could work.

Public Works Director Huron monitored the water pressure at the wellhouse on Magnolia. At no time did the pressure fall below 50 pounds per square inch (psi). Florida regulations state that a Precautionary Boil Water Notice (PBWN) must be issued if the pressure falls below 20 psi. For that reason, the City will not be issuing a PBWN.

The City of San Antonio Water Department takes great pride in its ability to serve you fresh, clean drinking water. Toward that end, we have many systems in place to prevent water emergencies. For example, if water pressure drops below 40 psi, an alarm sounds at the well house that is loud enough for the neighbors to hear. That alarm was not triggered in last night's event. In addition, City staff is called in rotation until someone acknowledges the call.

We are aware that the after-hours phone message gave an incorrect phone number. That has been corrected.

In the event of a water emergency, please call Public Works Director Israel Huron at (352) 279-0489 or Rick Alley at (352) 467-0263.

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