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Building Permit Process

Same Day Permits

(Staff Review)

Doors & Windows

A/C Upgrades/Replacement




Security / Fire System

Same Day Permits only require submitting a Building Permit Application

Extensive Review Permits

(Commissioner/Engineer Review)


Add-On Structures* (Garage/Screen Enclosure/Pole Barn/Shed**)

New Residence / Commercial Building*

Pools & Enclosures*

Permanent Signs

Permanent Structure Demolition

Extensive Review Permits require submitting a site plan with the Building Permit Application

*Requires submission of drainage plan for review. Drainage plan MUST be drafted by licensed engineer or surveyor.

** Drainage plan not required for pre-fabricated sheds unless placed on new slab.

Step-by-Step Application Process

  •  Applicant submits a Dade City Building Permit Application with site plan and drainage plan to San Antonio. Drainage plan must be electronic copy, if required.

  • Same day permits are issued a Zoning Permit approval letter by staff upon collection of $25 review fee.

  • Extensive review permits are sent to the Building & Zoning Commissioner for review. If required, copies of site and drainage plan are sent to the City's consulting engineer for review.

    • Permits approved by Building & Zoning Commissioner ​(and engineering consultant if necessary) are issued a Zoning Permit approval letter upon collection of $175 review fee ($325 for lots over 1 acre)

  • Applicant take original application, supporting documents, and Zoning Permit to Dade City Building Department for issuance of building permit and scheduling of inspections.

  • Projects requiring Certificate of Occupancy from Dade City must have a signed Certificate of Final Review issued by the City of San Antonio.

Accessory use setbacks

3 feet rear property line​

5 feet side property lines

No more than 30% of rear yard used

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the building permit application process contact or 352-588-2127

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