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The City of San Antonio Is Seeking A Water Clerk

The City of San Antonio, located in Pasco County, is seeking a Water Clerk. Position is appointed by the Mayor. The Water Clerk reports to the Water Commissioner, the City Clerk, and the Mayor.

  • Accept and process water payments

  • Make daily deposits

  • Maintain the hardware and software required for the Water Department

  • Prepare, read, and upload meter read data from meter reading device

  • Prepare and mail water bills

  • Monitor and recover delinquent accounts and late payments, scheduling shutoffs as needed

  • Open, close, activate, and deactivate water accounts as required

  • Maintain records of County sewer accounts in the City

  • Respond to lien search and Freedom of Information Act requests

  • Attend on and off site meetings, including those outside of normal operating hours

  • Produce communications for the City Commission on updates within the Water Department

  • Prepare monthly and annual periodic reports

  • Process invoices to and from the Water Department

  • Meticulously maintain Water Fund bank accounts and financial records

  • Order equipment, supplies and services

  • Coordinate with Public Works Department:

  • Meter reads

  • Leak detection

  • Water service shutoff and turn on

  • Meter replacement/installation

  • Repairs as needed

  • Quality Assurance

  • Locate requests

  • Coordinate and schedule regular maintenance projects

  • Verify and submit payroll for City staff

  • Update the City website

  • Assist the City Clerk as needed

  • Other tasks as needed

Please send Resumes and employment applications (found here), to

Equal Opportunity Employer

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