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November 15, 2016 Commission Meeting

The San Antonio City Commission will meet on the third Tuesday, November 15, 2016, at 7:30 pm.


Opening Ceremonies

1. Approval of consent agenda: October Commission Meeting; General Fund and Water fund disbursements for October 2016. 2. Mayor’s report: 3. Attorney’s report: 4. Commissioner Reports: A. Building and zoning, Commissioner Thornberry B. Parks and recreation, Commissioner Bassinger C. Streets, Commissioner Anderson D. Waterworks, Commissioner Stallworth 5. Clerk’s Report: 6. Unfinished business: 7. New business: 8. Additional Commissioner Comment: 9. Public Comment: 10. Announcements: A. This year’s Christmas in the Park, sponsored by the Founder’s Garden Club, has been scheduled for Sunday December 4th at 7pm B. Proclamation Congratulating Reverend Willie B. Roberts Sr. for thirty years of community service

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