Yard Waste Dumpster Request

The City of San Antonio offers a free yard waste dumpster service to residents living within city limits. There are 2 dumpsters available from Tuesday afternoon - Thursday afternoon OR Friday afternoon - Monday afternoon.

This dumpster is EXCLUSIVELY for vegetative yard debris (e.g. hedge clippings, leaves, and small branches).

Residents must comply with the following conditions:

- Branches must be LESS than 3 feet long and LESS than 4 inches wide

- DO NOT compact branches, etc. in the dumpster

- DO NOT fill the dumpster with heavy logs

- DO NOT over fill the dumpster

An agreement form must be signed or already filed prior to scheduling the dumpster. Failure to comply with the agreed conditions may result in a $125.00 user fee.


***The city reserves the right to decline back-to-back requests during the busy season.



Thanks for submitting! We’ll get back to you shortly.